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For insight and understanding that evolves as fast as the world does

Vantage delivers decision advantage by supercharging research and analysis


It enables analysts and planners to gain a rich picture of information from millions of sources in different languages - and deliver dynamic insight and improved foresight to decision-makers.

This is vital in maintaining an enduring competitive advantage in a world of increasing geopolitical threats.



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Faster and more effective than                     users' previous                processes.


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Sources available. Build a curated environment of in-house and open-source information.


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Languages automatically translated, including audio and video transcription.

"Vantage gives decision makers what they need most: more time. More time to find out what’s going on and what’s likely to happen next – and more time to plan and implement their reaction."

Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper

"Adarga’s technology solves a critical intelligence challenge we’ve invested millions of pounds over many years trying to address but have been thus far unable to solve."

FTSE 100 Customer

Deeper insight. Greater foresight. Less risk.

Vantage has been built to augment human intelligence - enabling users to offload the cognitive burden of time-consuming tasks such as information collection and processing so they can focus on critical analysis. 

Given the high-stakes environments in which our customers operate, ensuring that this AI is deployed responsibly is at the heart of Adarga's mission. It's why we go to such lengths to make sure the user is always in total control, and why Vantage only delivers fully evidenced, transparent outputs. 

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Richer, broader insight

Vantage extracts, synthesises and summarises results drawn from millions of sources in different languages - identifying, linking and corroborating themes so users can explore different threads of investigation and compare narratives. Capitalise on valuable past institutional knowledge or act on fast-moving insight from publicly available news and reports.

Rapid Answers

Q&A enables users to ask complex questions of their own curated data sets and reports. Vantage generates well-evidenced, natural language answers using its own carefully calibrated, rigorously tested and fine-tuned generative AI model.


Machine memory

Vantage identifies complex relationships between people, places and organisations that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, and presents them ready for interrogation, validation and interpretation. Key details of past and developing events are extracted, and connected. 

Cross-team collaboration 

Pin crucial developments and insights to a collaborative workspace at the click of a button. Explore and analyse the same topic in a shared environment and work together on reliable, verifiable, actionable reports that offer leaders a rich picture of information.


Ongoing optimisation 

Keep your competitive edge sharp. We deploy new capabilities as the technology advances, as the geopolitical landscape shifts, as threats evolve and as needs change. 

"It has saved us days of effort in seconds. It's a real force multiplier."

Ministry of Defence Intelligence Analyst

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Find out how robust information intelligence capabilities can give your organisation an enduring competitive edge

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Understand how Adarga is the trusted AI software solution for information analysis within the commercial and public sectors