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Identify threat and opportunity signals buried within huge volumes of information 

Adarga's software enables defence and public sector organisations to process huge volumes of internal information fused with open-source intelligence, to identify, assess and report on developing threats at a speed and quality previously unachievable


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Faster and more effective than previous processes


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Increase in volume and diversity of sources


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Achieved in <1hr what would take a human analyst 28 days



Discover, monitor and assess threats and opportunities. Stay ahead of unfolding developments. Adarga's software makes all relevant information available in seconds, and in context, simplifying the discovery and understanding of vital intelligence. It cuts the time of dissemination down from days to minutes.

  Supercharge intelligence analysis

 Enhance the Common Operating Picture

  Capitalise on historic lessons learnt on operations

“Innovative technology like this is a game-changer in increasing the speed and robustness of our decision-making. Using our data, information and knowledge as an asset, harnessed by the power of AI & ML, we can act at the speed of relevance.

- the British Army


Transform the quality and quantity of your research output. Apply lessons learnt from historic reports, fused with open-source data, to help you get a broad, in-depth view on your topic of interest. 

 Academic research

  Strategic Planning

 Policy Research


"It has saved us days of effort in seconds. It's a real force multiplier."

- Ministry of Defence Intelligence Analyst

Find out how information intelligence can transform the way that your organisation monitors and mitigates critical threats 

Adarga Public Sector Resources

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Visibility, accessibility and relevance through AI: the key to real-time data-driven decision-making 
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Adarga and the Royal Air Force look to the future with human machine teaming
Adarga is supporting the Royal Navy to bring cutting-edge technology to the frontline

How does Adarga Vantage work?