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Building a Unified Risk Picture 

Adarga's software rapidly distils and connects vast quantities of in-house and open-source information, helping analyst and research teams to assess organisational risks more rapidly and effectively so decision-makers can respond at speed.

Adarga provides deeper insight, greater foresight, and mitigates risks for:

Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)

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Adarga's software is being used to supercharge the analysis of geopolitical risks and manage complex global operations more efficiently. This can help to protect billions of dollars worth of assets and support organisational stability and profitability.

Private Intelligence Companies

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Commercial intelligence firms need to provide robust, up-to-date geopolitical risk assessments to their public and private sector customers. Adarga acts as a force multiplier for their analyst teams so they can deliver higher-quality insights more quickly.

Think Tanks / Policy Institutes 

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Research organisations use Adarga's software to overcome their challenges around time, resourcing, and volume and relevancy of information. Our software extracts details rapidly - from open-source and in-house data - on individuals, events, organisations, and countries, surfacing insights in minutes.


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Faster and more effective than previous processes


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Increase in volume and diversity of sources


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Reduction in reading time for users


Intelligence Analysis 

Discover, monitor, and assess threats to your organisation. Identify diverse risks from disparate sources, assess the potential impact on your organisation, and disseminate crucial information to stakeholders rapidly.

 Strategic Intelligence

 Crisis Response

 Risk and Resilience


Adarga’s technology solves a critical intelligence challenge we’ve invested millions of pounds over many years trying to address but have been thus far unable to solve.

- FTSE 100 Customer


Transform the quality and quantity of your output. Adarga enables you to dig deeper, across more sources, and harness lessons learnt from historic internal data as well as fast-moving open-source information.

 Policy Analysis

  Strategic Planning

 Regulatory Research


It’s like having the power of 200 analysts at your fingertips. We’ve discovered connections that were impossible to have identified without Adarga.

- The European Leadership Network

Discover how information intelligence can give your organisation a competitive advantage 

Adarga Commercial Resources

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How to Mitigate Geopolitical Risk and Gain Competitive Advantage with Information Intelligence  
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Building a Unified Risk Picture in a Volatile Geopolitical Landscape
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BP licences Adarga’s AI platform to improve risk management decision-making 

How does Adarga Vantage work?