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Adarga Events

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Adarga Allies First

Adarga's 'Allies First' platform is the basis of our integrated, global strategy across the UK, the US, and Australia as we usher in a new era of allied security. 

It's dedicated to building a powerful coalition of partners to collectively drive bold, integrated, and innovative technical capability to strengthen our allied resilience. Find out more about our event series by clicking learn more.

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Previous Events


Global AI Regulation 

Co-Chair of Adarga’s Committee for Responsible AI, Sarah Beddoes, led a panel discussion exploring the trends that we’re starting to see emerge in relation to AI Regulation.

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In September 2023 at the bi-annual DSEI conference in London, we announced the launch of Vantage: our high-speed, high-precision information analysis tool.


Land Warfare Conference

At the British Army Land Warfare Conference, Adarga CEO Rob Bassett Cross was invited to deliver a speech on accelerating the development and deployment of software as a primary back-office and battlefield weapon.

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Hackathon | British Army

Adarga and the Army held a first-of-its-kind Hackathon at the Defence BattleLab. This brought together military personnel and industry teams to collaboratively develop innovative AI and software solutions to real-world challenges faced by the Field Army.  


Adarga Symposium 2

Our second Symposium focused on the future of AI and its impact on our prosperity, national resilience and global security, specifically on the importance of language-based technologies.


Adarga Symposium 

Our first Symposium event aimed to both educate and constructively challenge our audience, to cut through the AI hyperbole and enable attendees to enhance their practical understanding.