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How to Mitigate Geopolitical Risk and Gain Competitive Advantage with Information Intelligence

Geopolitical Risks (GPRs) to business – the threats posed by war, territorial tensions, civil unrest, sanctions, protectionism and shifts in global power dynamics – are running at levels unseen in decades.

The financial impacts on Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) are severe: during the first five months of the Ukraine crisis alone, companies lost $59bn because of sanctions, write-downs, fire-sales and dwindling business. The alarm bells are ringing, and 55% of executives say that their board is poorly prepared to handle the potential shocks of GPR.

Organisations must successfully maintain a unified risk picture in order to be fully prepared. This requires an information intelligence approach with two core elements. (1) The  ability to continuously  gather the broadest possible range of accurate, relevant, useful information from within the business AND publicly available information. (2) The ability to rapidly and effectively interpret the information to create actionable intelligence.

In this report, we provide an overview of how geopolitical risks are threatening Multinational Enterprises' stability and profitability, and how sophisticated information intelligence strategies can deliver security and engender opportunity in volatile times.

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