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Emerging Trends in Global AI Regulation - Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded into public consciousness in 2023. Governments and international organisations across the world have been struggling with the question of how to regulate this revolutionary technology. 

Adarga’s General Counsel and Co-Chair of Adarga’s Committee for Responsible AI, Sarah Beddoes led a panel discussion to discuss trends that we’re starting to see emerge in relation to AI Regulation.

The panel includes John Buyers, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Osborne Clarke; Erika Mann, Senior European Policy Advisor at Covington; Dean Harvey, Partner at Perkins Coie LLP and Charles Morgan, Partner at McCarthy Tétrault.

Access the full recording below to understand:

  Divergence between countries taking a prescriptive or a light-touch approach to AI regulation 

How likely is wide-scale alignment on AI regulatory approaches in the future? 

 The effect prescriptive approaches to AI regulation are likely to have on SMEs 








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