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Adarga's Allies First Platform

Building global partnerships, networks and cooperation across the US, UK, Australia and beyond

Adarga's 'Allies First' Platform is the basis of Adarga's integrated strategy across the UK, the US, and Australia as we enter a new era of allied security.

It is dedicated to building a powerful coalition of partners to collectively drive bold, integrated and innovative technical capabilities to strengthen our allied resilience.

The Adarga Allies First Platform

The key strategic pillars that underpin the Allies First mission that you can be a part of include: 

Geostrategic Cooperation  

Ensuring that defence and security policy operates at a level of allied sophistication that is more possible in the 21st century than it ever has been in the past thanks to technology that operates at the speed of software.   

Interconnected Policy  

Achieving allied security between the closest and most-trusted partners baked in to the policy agenda of the leading tech companies in defence from the ground up through shared intelligence, analysis, and cooperation.  

Defence Tech Diplomacy  

A trusted forum for addressing blind spots and tackling collective challenges that are necessary to ensure a defence agenda that will work against adversaries. Engaging the philanthropic community as well as new international policy agreements in defence - such as AUKUS - ensures a healthy ecosystem of innovation and responsibility.   

Software Development  

Today’s defence environment is increasingly powered by software-based technologies. Better understand what this means for how data can be collected, analysed and acted upon in real-time by teams spanning three continents. 

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